ActiCert Incorporated is a registered testing and certification company in Mississauga, Ontario, and is wholly owned subsidiary of the BITTS Group. Through its parent companies, ActiCert has 51 locations in Canada and is expanding to the USA. ActiCert aims to provide education and training to its community, and prides itself on delivering high quality certification training to professionals from all fields. ActiCert is working to make a difference targeting employability, second careers, and job upskilling.

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Who We Are

Whether it’s a job in logistics or accounting, professionals today need some kind of certification to actualize their job goals. Certifications and designations help people gain prominence in their careers. ActiCert recognizes this and wants to be the premiere certification provider to help today’s professionals get the accreditations they need for success. We have the proper interfaces and instructors to get your certifications quickly. ActiCert’s success is our candidates’ success, and it is what drives our certification services vision.


ActiCert Inc. is a registered subsidiary of BITTS Testing Services, BITTS International Career College, and JNA Institute of Culinary Arts.