Canadian Proctoring Course

Availability: Continuous

Length: 24 Hours

Location: Pan Canada (All Provinces)

Course Overview

ActiCert introduces a very innovative and practical certification course on how to become a ‘Test Administrator’ or a ‘Proctor’ for Standardized Tests. Whether you are looking for a job, new to such role, or looking to refresh your skills, this course will provide you with all the information and practical training you need.

Instructor-led Online Sessions – 8 hours
Practical Training – 16 hours
Cost: CA$ 250

What is Standardized Testing?

Standardized testing is a way to measure what people know, can do, or how they behave in a consistent and fair manner. It is used in many different areas like education, employment, professions, and trades. Standardized tests have similar formats, instructions, and test environment for every test taker.

Why is this Proctoring course important?

It is crucial to make sure that tests are administered fairly and accurately. This course will help you understand your role and responsibilities in ensuring that every test taker has a fair chance to show what they know or can do. The practical training part of the course gives on the job, hands on training at a test centre.

What Will You Learn and Practice?

  • Preparing a test session, including setting up the test room and making sure you understand the test instructions.
  • Checking in test takers, giving out test materials, and making sure the test runs smoothly.
  • Monitoring test takers and resolving any incidental issues.
  • Keeping tests secure and making sure everyone follows the rules.
  • Applying ways to support the test takers and helping them feel comfortable during the test.
  • Handling emergencies or unexpected problems.

Who is this Proctoring Course for?

This course is for anyone who wants to become a test administrator or proctor for standardized tests from Meazure Learning/Yardstick, MET, IELTS, Pearson Vue, CELPIP-Prometric, PLAB and more. Whether you are working in education, assessment, or testing centers, this certification will not only help you upskill, but will help you excel in your job.