The Essential Career Development Program

The ECD program encompasses the education and skills required to acquire a job and thrive in the Canadian workplace. This is an initiative to support newcomers and second career individuals to learn and prosper in the various sectors in Canada. The much-needed boost of a Canadian Work Experience is also part of this program. A work experience certificate will also be issued at the end of the program.

Total Cost of the ECD Program - CA$ 600
Course 1 – Canadian Employment Law Basics

This course gives an overview of how the legal framework pertaining Employment laws work in Canada. This course informs about the legal obligations of a workplace towards its employees. This course will deliver better understanding of employee rights and obligations and will give insights into earning and living in Canada.

2 hours – Instructor led Online session

Course 2 – Customer Service Skills

Customer Service involves effective communication, right attitude, right personality apart from empathy, conflict resolution ability, understanding and confidence building skills. This course helps the candidate learn all the finer nuances such that it results in outstanding service standards and customer satisfaction.

4 hours – Instructor led Online session

Course 3 – Microsoft Office Skills

This course is designed to help the candidate become proficient in using Microsoft Office applications. One can learn the basics of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, which are essential tools for creating documents, spreadsheets, and presentations at a workplace. By the end of this course, one will have a good understanding of how to navigate and utilize these key Microsoft Office programs efficiently and add to their analytical and data management skills.

6 hours – Instructor led in-class Practical session

Course 4 – Canadian Proctoring Course

This specialized course is about learning how to supervise and manage examinations or tests effectively. You will discover techniques for ensuring fairness, preventing cheating, and maintaining security during the examination process. By the end of the module, you'll be equipped with the knowledge and strategies needed to proctor exams efficiently and uphold academic integrity.

Instructor-led Online Sessions – 8 hours
Practical Training – 16 hours

Course 5 – First Aid and CPR-AED Certification

Having a training and certification in life-saving skills is an important qualification for most jobs in Canada. It is an essential skill that is considered as a prominent asset. A comprehensive First Aid and CPR-AED training (blended course) will be provided to the candidates.

8 hours – Online Self Study

7.5 hours – Instructor led in-class training