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ActiCert Incorporated is a registered testing and certification company in Mississauga, Ontario, and is wholly owned subsidiary of the BITTS Group. Through its parent companies, ActiCert has 51 locations in Canada and is expanding to the USA. ActiCert aims to provide education and training to its community, and prides itself on delivering high quality certification training to professionals from all fields. ActiCert is working to make a difference targeting employability, second careers, and job upskilling.

Easy & Simple Steps to Certify yourself


Select the Certificate Course and Register on the website. Remit the fees online.

Select Mode of Learning

Select from Online Instructor-led, In-Class Instructor-led or Self-paced Mode of Learning. Complete the Evaluations and Examinations.

Print Certificate

Receive your certificate digitally; print or save it. You are now ready to work with your new credentials!


Why Choose ActiCert?

Notable features which have made ActiCert a premier provider of professional training and certifications.

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